Legacy Locker

Legacy Locker allows you to set up an online will of sorts, so that when you die your beneficiaries receive access to your online self.  Log on names and passwords for things like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, blogs, registered domain names, World of Warcraft guilds, etc. would all be saved and given to another person after your passing.

Seems like an obvious idea with an entire generation of people now being raised to have their lives entirely online.

Eddie Lopez is the kind of tech-savvy guy for which a service such as Legacy Locker was made. The St. Paul, Minnesota, man has three online banking accounts, a PayPal account, domain names, Web-hosting accounts, multiple e-mail addresses and many social-networking accounts.

“I do think this is something people should be really considering these days,” Lopez told CNN when asked about services such as Legacy Locker. He wants to hire a service to handle his digital assets but is concerned about privacy.

“Although I’m glad there’s people breaking ground in this area, I don’t think I would jump at the first opportunity to sign up,” Lopez said. “My concerns are turning over such an exhaustive list of user names and passwords to a single business. That’s one-stop shopping for any hacker to get access to just about every detail of my life.”

Lopez had the brilliant idea of giving half the information to his family and half to an online storage company, like Legacy Locker, so that hackers won’t have all the information.  And that in the case of his death his family would be entrusted with the usernames or passwords to complete the set of information they already had.

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