Lies delivered as truthful sermon

Timothy Egan takes former-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to task over her blatent lies regarding the healthcare debate and how those lies directly incite mob rule. 

For a democracy, which depends on an informed citizenry to balance a permanent lobbying class, this is poison. And it’s one reason why town hall forums on health care, which should be sharp debates about something that affects all of us, have turned into town mauls.

The lies and shouts have had the effect that all crank speech has on free speech — stifling any real exchange.

The news class, which has largely avoided any real debate on the health care issue, choosing instead to discuss these unruly mobs, is as much to blame as Palin and her ilk.  The disservice, of course, is to actual conservatives (or, rather, intelligent ones, that aren’t raving lunatics looking to incite riots) like David Frum or Andrew Sullivan, who have real issues with Obamacare.

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