Olympic hopeful opens a brothel

Let’s pretend for a second that you are a 23-year-old New Zealand taekwondo Olympic hopeful.  You want to compete in the 2012 London games, but you need the funds necessary to do so. 

What’s the easiest and most profitable way to do so?  Open a 14-room gentleman’s club.  Prostitution is, after all, legal there. 

However, the decision to become a “pimp” for Logan Campbell may cost him a spot to compete on the team. 

“Selection takes into account not just performance but also the athlete’s ability to serve as an example to the youth of the country,” Team NZ funding manager John Schofield told the country’s Sunday Star Times newspaper.

Still, the financial rewards of running a legal business are enough for him to risk that.  

To take the financial strain from his parents Campbell has gone into partnership with Hugo Philiips, a 20-year-old accountancy graduate, to set up what the pair insist is a “high-class” escort agency.

He hopes to take a couple of years off to work full-time on the new venture, before returning to training in 2011 with a NZ$300,000 Olympic kitty.

When people think of a pimp they think of a guy standing around on a street corner with gold chains,” he told the Sunday Star Times.”Pimps are more tough-type guys. I’m an owner of an escort agency.”

He accepts that his chosen profession carries with it a certain reputation.

“Mum was hesitant but she met the girls, a couple came over to her house and she was sweet as. She realised they were just normal people supporting their kids and stuff.”

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