Operation Rescue going out of business

Abortions EpicenterFinally, some good news from the recession.  In the wake of George Tiller’s murder and the revocation of its tax-exempt status, the terrorist anti-abortion  group Operation Rescue is broke, so broke in fact, that they are begging for money to keep agitating women during their most difficult hour protesting abortion clinics. 

“The group’s president, Troy Newman, blamed the economic downturn for its money woes in a desperate plea e-mailed Monday night to donors. But the Wichita-based organization has also been under attack from both fringe anti-abortion militants and abortion-rights supporters since the May 31 shooting death of Dr. George Tiller.”

Some good suggestions from Jezebel: “Let’s take up a collection, buy up their HQ, and turn it into a Planned Parenthood.” And “Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of total douchebags.” [via]

Update: It occurred to me, well, readers really, that I should have linked to Planned Parenthood as a resource and to offer them my support. Terrible oversight on my part. My apologies, seeing as I linked to Operation Rescue.

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