Piratebay.org has copyright infringement charges dismissed

According to reports on The Local and TorrentFreak, after only a day and a half of trial, the prosecution has dismissed the charges of “copyright infringement” against the popular torrent tracking site.

He has amended the charges against Carl Lundström, Peter Sunde, Frederik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm Warg by removing all mention of “complicity in the production of copyrighted material” from the charge sheet filed with the district court in Stockholm, Sweden.

The new charges will be changed simply to read “complicity to make (copyrighted material) available”, thereby limiting it to the production of the actual torrent file and the resultant hard or soft copy of it.

Defence lawyer Per Samuelsson described the amendment as “a sensation”.

“It is very rare that you win half the case after one and a half days and it is clear that the prosecutor has been deeply affected by what we said yesterday,” he said.

 At the same time, however, The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has issued a statement in which it downplayed the significance of prosecutor Hakan Roswall’s amendments to the charges against the four men in the Pirate Bay case.

 The IFPI’s legal counsel Peter Danowsky said: “It’s a largely technical issue that changes nothing in terms of our compensation claims and has no bearing whatsoever on the main case against The Pirate Bay.

“In fact it simplifies the prosecutor’s case by allowing him to focus on the main issue, which is the making available of copyrighted works.”

And in that regard, it seems like this won’t end well for the creators of The Pirate Bay.  But again, if history is any indication (see: Napster), even if you shut down one such technology or site, another one will already be in the works to replace it.

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