Real Maple Syrup at IHOP

Vermont’s IHOP is the only one in the country, nay the entire chain of restaurants, that serves real maple syrup. IHOP franchises are contractually obligated to serve the four IHOP syrups: butter pecan, blueberry, strawberry and “old fashioned,” which is nothing more than maple flavored shit. 

But that’s about to change.

“You’ve got to have real maple syrup in Vermont,” said Sam Handy Jr., the restaurant’s general manager.

Handy said IHOP corporate was “very accommodating” when dealing with the maple syrup request. With a special dispensation, the IHOP, celebrating its soft opening Tuesday, is free to serve maple syrup.

The real stuff comes at a premium, however. The individually packaged one-and-a-half-ounce containers of Grade A Dark Amber syrup from the Sugarman of Vermont in Hardwick cost an extra 99 cents. And the real stuff is not on the menu. At a restaurant where only two menu items are more than $10, paying an extra dollar for a shot of real maple syrup is pricey, especially when one container is hardly enough to cover a single pancake.

Even though I’m not from Vermont, I strictly adhere to the notion that it is a sin to eat pancakes or waffles with anything other than real maple syrup.  Doesn’t have to be from Vermont, but it has to be real.

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