Redlasso Returns!

This is exciting news.  Redlasso, which was a site that allowed people to search and clip and embed live television and radio clips, went dark in July of 2008 due to a lawsuit from NBC/FOX.  Obviously there were copyright issues, but I found the site to always be the first place I would look, when say, searching for highlights from an awards show either while it was still on the air or immediately afterwords.  I was a bit sad when it went dark and completely put it out of my mind.

Well, the site has relaunched and though I haven’t given the new version a go, it looks like they’ve managed to license content and keep things on the up and up with the content providers.  The layout is a bit different than I remember it being, but nothing radically so.

According to a press release:

The sources within the platform are a bit different than you may remember, but we are very excited to announce that we are launching the platform with licensed content from over 100 TV and Radio sources from around the country.  There will be at least one television news source in each one of the top 50 US cities, where the majority of the sources allow you to search, clip and share their broadcast news content.We’re also excited to unveil an entirely new site design.  Picking up where we left off, we’ve brought to life many of your suggestions from the beta.  The new site will have:

  • Daily featured clips
  • The ability to cross search each of our sources simultaneously
  • The ability to conduct local market or regional searches
  • The ability to generate instant local or category based RSS feeds
  • The interactive display of all clip closed caption content for easy quoting for your blog
  • A new section called “As Seen On” where we will feature your Redlasso blog posts
  • A brand new Redlasso blog where we will feature great content, our members sites and Redlasso updates
  • New Facebook and Twitter pages, and much more coming soon!

It’s always difficult to gain traction after losing it, but hopefully Redlasso can do so once again.

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