Rep. Alan Grayson lays down the gauntlet


Finally, a Democrat demonstrates some spine and takes the fight to the Republicans: “And he was tired of waiting for a Republican Health Plan that will never see the light of day because it simply does not exist. So Rep. Alan Mark Grayson of Flordia, by way of the Bronx, New York, rolled up his sleeves, put on the gloves and went at the liars and fear-mongers on the other side of the aisle. And he went in heavy. He broke down the Republican Health Plan like only a true son of the tough Bronx streets would have the cubes to do. Here it is: ‘Don’t get sick. But if you do, die quickly,'” writes Lorenzo Carcaterra.  “These comments, of course, sent the National Republican Congressional Committe into a red-faced frenzy. They demanded an apology. And Rep. Grayson quickly gave them one.”

But not one you would expect. Instead of cowering to the Repubs, he apologized to the uninsured Americans and the those families that will lose loved ones this year due to being uninsured. Well played, sir, well played.

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