Scientists discover potential cure for color blindness

colour_385x185_615124aFor BILOyster, there’s hope!:

“Scientists at the University of Washington, in Seattle, and the University of Florida restored normal vision to two colour-blind monkeys. The technique could prove to be a safe and effective cure for colour blindness and other visual disorders related to the cones in the retina.”

Monkey research at its finest.  

“Although colour blindness is only moderately life-altering, we have shown we can cure a cone disease in a primate and that it can be done very safely,” Professor William Hauswirth, an ophthalmic molecular geneticist at the University of Florida, told the Times Online. “That is extremely encouraging for the development of therapies for human cone diseases that really are blinding.”

What surprised me the most about this news was that color blindness affects about 8 per cent of Caucasian males, but fewer than 0.5 per cent of females.

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