Score-keepers engage in fight at high school game

090203_watertown_gameYou know what the definition of the best is?  It is this.  This is my high school, where two basketball score keepers got into some fisticuffs ( Watch the video).

The even better part is that I used to umpire baseball and the dude that got punched in the face used to be a coach.  I won’t say he deserved to get punched, but he did.  If not for throwing water on another dude’s face then for being douchy.

The incident, caught on camera, shows two score-keepers engaged in an argument. The Watertown score-keeper Josh Bellini removed a cap from his water bottle and then tossed the water on the Lexington score-keeper Nick Santosuosso.

Santosuosso then punched Bellini in the head.

The game was stopped and Santosuossa was escorted from the gymnasium by officers.

Students said they were surprised by the adults’ behavior.

“People come here to watch the game and it’s really too bad we have to talk about this instead of what a good game it was,” said Joe Lepera, a junior at Watertown High School. “You know it really is a shame.”

“You have two grown men fighting over a high school basketball game?” said Adam Koot, a junior. “You kind of should be trying to set an example or something.”

The school superintendent said they are taking a closer look at this fight.

Both scorekeepers will be summonsed into Waltham District Court to see if there is enough evidence for assault and battery charges.

Also the best?  WHDH in Boston treating this like it’s the Zapruder film and someone just got JFK’d.  This kind of thing probably happens every other week when, crap, I was going to use some random Irish surnames for my fictional story to illustrate how this happens all the time, but then I realized I know guys with those random Irish surnames and I don’t want them to think I was actually talking about them.

Anyway, disappointments aside, watch the video because the guy from Lexington, Mass. throws one hell of a left-hook.  Sadly, for me, this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened in my little Boston suburb – if you don’t count the time one of our residents flew his plane into the Empire State Building, but that was back in 1930-something or other so it doesn’t really count.

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