Stegosaurus in Cambodia?

We know that dinos were wiped off the Earth roughly 155 million years ago by a climate changing meteroite, but some fringe scientists claim that dinosaurs might have continued to roam remote parts of the earth as recently as a few hundred years ago. A few even claim that there might be some small populations of dinosaurs surviving in the world’s most isolated forests.

And normally I would phshaw those scientists if it weren’t for the revelations of what appears to be a Stegosaurus carved into the Ta Prohm Temple in the Cambodian jungle dating from 1186.   


Says All News Web, who received the photographs from a tipster:

The reader who was visiting the area noticed very distinct and clear images that seem to depict a Stegosaurus, indicating that this creature might well have survived up until the Khmer era in the region. One expert on Khmer ruins has told us that it is unlikely that these images are a recent addition to the temple.

Time travel or aliens, I’spose.  Then again, the spikey giant could have survived that giant asteroid hit millions of years ago and two ice ages, only to find itself the subject of a Cambodian sculptor.

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