The Big Picture tackles Australian fires

It’s being described as the worst environmental problem in the country of Australia, with hundreds dead and Victoria burned out.  It’s the kind of story that needs photojournalism.  Luckily, Boston Globe’s The Big Picture has finally tackled this story.

The state of Victoria in southern Australia has recently been hit with hundreds of bush fires during a record-breaking heatwave – temperatures well above 38°C (100°F). Unfortunately, these fires have proved to be the deadliest in Australian history, with at least 166 deaths reported so far. The fires mostly appear to have been started by lightning – however a few appear to have been arson, and are under investigation – entire towns being declared crime scenes. Twenty-four fires are still burning, and authorities warn that the death toll will likely rise.


The 35 or so photos are all pretty amazing, as you would guess.

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