The GOP’s new logo

The GOP seems to have lost it’s way since the Democrats clean sweep in November, trying desperately to fling outrageous-shit-lies and hoping it sticks behind the fat bodice of Rush Limbaugh. 

It’s clear that the GOP specifically, and not the conservative movement, has no ideas on how to help the country when members of the RNC plan to meet next week to “approve a resolution rebranding Democrats as the ‘Democrat Socialist Party.’

Really?  It’s about as ridiculous if the Democrats met to pass a resolution rebranding the Republicans as the “Republican Fascist Party.”  I guess, every issue in this country has been solved since this is what they are working on. 


Though, I much prefer Stephen Colbert’s suggestion that the GOP rebrand themselves with the cockroach as their logo during last night’s episode.  Because the cockroach is resilient and will be around forever! 

“The GOP needs to make painful, soul-searching, superficial changes to their image without altering anything inside,” according to Stephen Colbert.

Maybe that’s their new plan to just outlast the Democrats after the nuclear holocaust.

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