The Last Late-term Abortion Doctor

When Dr. George Tiller was murdered coming out of church one Sunday morning, you could make the argument that the domestic anti-women’s health terrorists won because Tiller’s practice closed down for good.  Especially because of where he practiced in Wichita, Kansas.

With his high-profile absence there is only one late-term abortion doctor left in America.  His name is Warren Hern, who’s been at the forefront of women’s reproductive health for the last 36-years.  Esquire takes a long look at this hero.

“He’s a tall man in green surgical scrubs, remarkably vigorous at seventy, emphatic in speech and impatient in manner. He has a long face and no lips, which gives him a severe look. He apologizes for having very little time. This is the day he sees patients for the first of three visits, giving them the seaweed laminaria, which slowly dilates the cervix, and his normal caseload has been doubled by Dr. Tiller’s patients — including two with catastrophic fetal abnormalities and a fifteen-year-old who was raped, all in the second trimester, all traumatized by the assassin who calls himself pro-life, a phrase he cannot utter without air quotes and contempt.They hate freedom,he says. He says it again. He warns you not to use anyone’s name or you will put them at risk.”

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