The Puzzling Origins of Life


There are probably any number of reasons why people would and wouldn’t want scientists to crack the nut that is the origins of life. Besides the evolutionary missing link, isn’t this the holy grail for molecular biologists?

One the one hand, why wouldn’t you want to know how this shindig started billions and billions of years ago. On the other, many people with an invested interested and faith in God would lose any purpose their life might’ve had. Okay, that’s a stretch, but it might be a touchy subject to start a conversation with, “so you know all those things you hold near and dear? Weeellll, we’ve got some bad news.”

“Scientists as eminent as Francis Crick, the chief theorist of molecular biology, have quietly suggested that life may have formed elsewhere before seeding the planet, so hard does it seem to find a plausible explanation for its emergence on Earth.” And yet, researchers are making progress with several new and promising developments. on this front.

Have no fear that scientists will keep plugging away and religious zealots will continue to deny the validity of those findings.

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