The Ultra Marathon Man


I feel especially inadequate right now and usually inadequate is my baseline emotional state. 

Richard Donovan made history yesterday as the world’s first athlete to run seven consecutive marathons on seven continents in less than seven days.

The 42-year-old father of one successfully completed a gruelling endurance race that would test the physical and mental prowess of the world’s strongest men.

Aside from running more than the traditional marathon distance of 26.2 miles a day, simply flying around the world in less than a week — logging up 26,719 air miles — is a feat that few sane people would dare to consider.

He had to contend with -20C temperatures when he began the event in Antarctica last Saturday. Richard was one of the few passengers who managed to fly out of snowbound London on Monday only to face a scorching heatwave when he crossed the finish line in Sydney yesterday. His ‘marathon’ marathon took him to Antarctica, Cape Town, Dubai, London, Toronto, Santiago and Sydney in just five days, 10 hours and eight minutes.

His only food and rest stops were aboard an airplane, said event co-ordinator and friend Ferghal Murphy. “He was going from cold to hot to cold. He’s literally been on an airplane seat when he’s not running and there’s lots of sleep deprivation,” he said.

It wasn’t enough to just do this either, you know jog for the sake of jogging.  Or the record books.  No he had loftier goals in mind.  He did it to promote awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. 


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