There goes my chance at Jeopardy!

IBM is developing a computing system “that will be able to compete with humans on Jeopardy!.”  I’m still waiting to hear back from the show for taking the entrance exam.  I’ve got to be honest, it wasn’t easy.  And this coming from a person that regularly schools Jeopardy!.  Mostly you think that the 15-seconds they give you will be sufficient time to type in your answer, but there’s really only 8-seconds after you’ve read the question and allowed the answer to pop into your head.

But back to IBM.  Aren’t computers already able to school us on quiz shows.  I mean there’s a certain level of cleverness that goes into a Jeopardy! question and answer – it’s not just straight trivia.  But still, I would think if they invented a computer skilled at Chess, then the whole trivia knowledge would have come first.

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