MSNBC personality Carlos Watson has launched his new online endeavor, The Stimulist, today.  And it’s a pretty decent effort. 

I wonder about it’s viability as a longterm alternative to both Gawker and The Huffington Post, especially since it’s based around an optimistic tone and its insistence on posting only six stories a day. 

It’s a ballsy business decision, going against the status quo and for that he should be commended.  Especially considering that 90% of content driven sites make their money by artificially inflating pageviews with truncated front page posts, publishing 30 posts a day — when only 10 – 15 are post-worthy — relying on spurious rumors, tipsters and press releases to do their work. 

It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on because its voice and mission are so different.  There’s plenty of intelligent snacking to do.  One article that caught my eye was on voluntourism, where people vacation and volunteer at the same time. 

Voluntourism. Sure, the ideal “vacation” for half of American tourists would be to indulge themselves at a spa, but you’re no ordinary American tourist. “Volontourists” devote anywhere from a single afternoon to their entire trips doing charitable work.  Although the typical set-up is a sort of mini-Peace Corps (i.e. building schools and digging ditches), there seems to be something in it for everyone — from reef cleaning for scuba divers in Aruba to meat donations for hunters in Alabama. Companies like Global Imprints (full disclosure: Carlos’ sister’s company) let you put your professional skills (i.e. legal, medical, engineering) to work while you’re working on your tan. So if you’re, say, a delayed-start lawyer who wants to do a little good-will lawyering, now you can.

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