What to do if someone breaks into your house

You’re home alone and someone breaks in to your fortress of solitude.  If you’re a gun owner you could shoot him, if you’re anyone else you might just call 9-1-1 and hide in a closet or under the bed. 

If you live in Silicon Valley you might just Twitter the whole affair and set up a webcam video feed with UStream. 

That’s what one guy did anyway

A strange man broke into Revision3 COO David Prager’s home last night.

Did David call the police? No, he updated Twitter and turned on a live video stream at Ustream.

This is someone who needs to get out of Silicon Valley.

Just so we’re clear, we do not recommend you try this at home. Call the police when you find someone you don’t know in your apartment.

And yes, this really happened. The proof. 


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