When Google Runs Your Life

A look into the future when Google controls every aspect of your life.  The piece is entirely fluffy, painting a beautiful picture of this scenario and never once looks into privacy concerns of for lack of a better metaphor, the SkyNet-ness of Google. 

Google has its own loaded slingshot. “We offer cheaper cost of ownership and zero cost of install, but if you don’t take on the philosophy of the tools you don’t get the full benefit,” says Bradley Horowitz, who oversees product management for Google Apps. “The tools are a manifestation of the culture here. All those about ideas, sharing and transparency–it’s not for a command-and-control world.”

But it has a potentially dark side. How will people inside companies take to all that sharing and transparency? Programs that can be accessed by anyone anywhere may be great for productivity–and a real threat to privacy. Glancing at different salespeople’s Gmail accounts, to take but one small example, is a way to measure which ones are hustling the most. How personal information could be exploited and by whom is anybody’s guess.

Still, what’s really fascinating here is the historical synopsis of how Google transformed itself from primarily a search engine into the premier tech company.

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