Wikileaks Releases Intercepted 9/11 Pager Transcripts

WikiLeaks-911-messagesWikiLeaks has gotten their hands on some intercepted transcripts from pagers on 9/11.

The transcripts were leaked by the group in an attempt to objectively view that day as events unfolded. The transcript is available as a downloaded zip file or as an online index; it’s very interesting to read, especially with a decade of perspective on that day. The transcripts start at 3AM on 9/11 and go until 2:59AM on 9/12.

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  • KSA crew November 28, 2009, 11:00 am

    You can go to the bank on the fact that the end is very nigh for 911 liars, stalkers, slanderers.

    As for those who say that it's not appropriate to release personal messages that were texted on 911…. People deserve the truth… What is not right [much less appropriate] is the continual lies and slander that has gone on for years.

    Karma can be a b!tch. Justice is coming and those who deserve their "just desserts" will be finally getting them.