“It’s full-bore crying. It’s not just little tears. It’s really crying and he does it a lot.”

Love this, regarding presumptive Speaker of the House John Boehner’s appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes last night: “Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, or even independent — can we all come together and agree that our presumptive Speaker John Boehner is a giant pussy? We knowEmoBoehner has a tendency to break down and cry at the gust of a wind, but the guy broke down like four times talking to 60 Minutes last night. About chasing the American Dream? Dude, you’ve been in Congress for 20 years. TWO DECADES. Get over it already. If that’s not enough evidence of uncool Skinned Knees Syndrome, he then got all pissy about President Obama not showing him respect.”

That shit was painful to watch.  We know the guy can cry but can he help run a government.

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