A Credit Terrorist

While most Americans with unpaid bills dread the collector’s call, [Craig] Cunningham sees them as lucrative opportunities. Many collection and credit card companies, intentionally or not, violate little-known consumer rights laws, and Cunningham’s favorite pastime is catching them doing so and then suing them. In fact, it’s a profitable side job.

Call it ironic, but the only house on the block that appears to be the foreclosed end to some sad financial story is in fact the home of one of the debt collection industry’s emerging and persistent threats. Cunningham calls himself a private attorney general—someone who files private lawsuits in the public interest. Debt collectors call him a credit terrorist.

Oh snap! The 29-year-old Cunningham is “between” jobs, so really, his suing creditors isn’t a side job so much as a primary one.  Still, that aside, the thought that you can sue debt collectors for violating the law — even despite a person’s own bad choices and decisions, say, ones that would put them $100,000 in debt — is fascinating.

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