About Judge Vaughn Walker

Judge Vaughn Walker, who presided over the decision to overturn Prop 8 was appointed by “Saint” Ronald Reagan and opposed for the position by none other than Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and leading gay activist groups.

Oh, and the lawyer who argued the case for Prop 8, the man who just secured the huge win for gay rights?  Yeah, that would be Ted Olson, former US Solicitor General under George W. Bush and a staunch Republican himself (he’s supporting Carly Fiorina in her California Senate bid).

Sometimes the world is just a crazy fucking place, ya know? It’s not black or white.  Keep this in mind next time someone tries to tell you this was all just a liberal, pinko, homo agenda or something retarded like that.  And also keep this in mind when your liberal friends bemoan Conservatives/Republicans, etc. for being all evil and whatnot.  The world isn’t that simple.

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