Ady Gil Cut in Half by Japanese Whaling Boat

Sea Shepherd‘s 50-knot biodiesel-powered ‘stealth boat’, the Ady Gil, has been cut in half and sunk after a collision with the Nisshin Maru, in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

The good news? The crew of six have been rescued and are reportedly uninjured.  The bad news? Shit’s gotten real in the open ocean between conservationists and Japanese whalers (or, as they like to be refered to as “cetacean researchers”).   

Earlier the campaigners – who are trying to stop Japan’s whaling fleet – said they threw chemicals onto the whaling boat to prevent it being used.

The whalers said the activists tried to tangle their propeller with a rope.


A statement on the Sea Shepherd website said a Japanese vessel that was accompanying the Nisshin Maru whaler “deliberately rammed” the Ady Gil, a high-tech speed boat that resembles a stealth bomber, shearing off its bow.

The crew of the Ady Gil, five from New Zealander and one from the Netherlands, were picked up unharmed by nearby Sea Shepherd vessel Bob Barker near Commonwealth Bay. […]

Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR), which conducts the country’s whale hunt, accused Sea Shepherd of using the Ady Gil to attack its vessels.

They alleged the trimaran speedboat came dangerously close to the Nisshin Maru, trying to entangle its rudder and propeller with a rope and launching stink bombs at the vessel.

“The Sea Shepherd extremism is becoming more violent… Their actions are nothing but felonious behaviour,” the (ICR) said in a statement.

Japan’s fisheries agency said it was the fourth time this season that the anti-whaling activists had interfered with the whaling fleet’s operations, Kyodo news agency reported.

Also?  Somehow former morning gameshow host Bob Barker is involved with these nefarious shenanigans.

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