Afternoon Links

A few things to chew over this afternoon.

1. Judd Apatow discusses his literary journey with the New Yorker: “I’m a big admirer of Dave Eggers, his writing and his charity work. I see myself as a much weaker Dave Eggers: I am not as good a writer and I don’t care as much about charity, but I try in both areas.”

2. At last night’s Phoenix concert at New York’s MSG, Daft Punk came out on stage to join their fellow Frenchmen for the encore.  It was Daft Punk’s first live performance in three years.  [Stereogum]

3. DARPA is pushing battery technology into the future and may one day help produce batteries smaller than a grain of sand. “We’re trying to achieve the same power densities, the same energy densities as traditional lithium-ion batteries, but we need to make the footprint much smaller,” says Jane Chang, an engineer at the University of California, Los Angeles.  [via Gearfuse]

4. Super Twario turns Twitter into a side-scrolling game for the iPod/iPhone platform.  Seems like an interesting idea, but no well executed.  All you can really do is run around and update your Twitter account.  [via WAXY]

5. Samsung will release an iPod touch competitor running on Android.  Looks good, but at some point aren’t these devices going to be redundant?  Either you want a standalone music player, standalone reading device, standalone phone, or you’d just prefer to have them bundled together as much as possible.

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