Apple Making an iTunes Announcement “You’ll Never Forget”

Truthfully, you’ll probably forget later that afternoon.  But, Cupertino is promising a huge announcement tomorrow regarding iTunes.  Read Write Web thinks it’s the long awaited iTunes cloud, Gizmodo hopes they announce iTunes is getting killed, Gruber thinks it could be either an IOS 4.2 release or additional content deals for TV show rentals or “a couple of readers are guessing “Beatles”, arguing that the clock faces vaguely resemble the album cover for “Help”.”

Admittedly, none of these are that game-changery, ya know?  The only thing that would rock my world, is if Apple announced the iTunes store would be web-based, and they were breaking up the bloated iTunes software into specific component pieces — music, video, books, etc. — similar to how the apps work on IOS.

Expect to have your world rocked at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

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