Art Student Ruins a Picasso Painting

Good thing the Metropolitan Museum of Art, better known as The Met, doesn’t have a “you break it, you buy it” policy. 

Otherwise, a  woman attending art class who tripped and fell into Picasso’s “The Actor” would be in some shit right now.  Not that she isn’t, after CAUSING A SIX-INCH GASH in the painting, but you know, even more so. 

“The unusually large canvas, measuring 77.25 by 45.38 inches (196 by 115 centimeters), sustained a vertical tear” on Friday when klutzy magoo damaged it. “But The Met said the damage did not impact the “focal point of the composition” and that it should be repaired in the coming weeks ahead of a major Picasso retrospective featuring some 250 works at the museum opening on April 27.”

“The Actor” was painted in the winter of 1904-1905, during Pablo Picasso’s Rose Period.  It was donated to The Met in 1952.

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