BP’s Top Kill Method

So BP has decided to attempt the “Top Kill” method, in a last ditch attempt to stem the oil hemorrhage in the Gulf of Mexico.  The top kill method basically plugs the leak with mud and then patches it with cement, once the mud has stopped the leak.

Will it work?  Well, it’s funny you should ask, seeing as this appears to be BP’s hail mary pass, but the odds of it working are only 60-70%.

“It has never been done in 5,000 feet of water,” the company’s CEO Tony Hayward told reporters.

“If it was on land we would have a very high confidence of success, but because it’s in 5,000 feet of water, we need to be realistic about the issues around operating in a mile of water,” he said on Monday.

“We rate the probability of the success somewhere between 60 percent and 70 percent,” Hayward said.

Let’s just keep the fingers crossed as America’s worst environmental disaster chugs along with no end in sight. Live video feed from 5000 feet below.

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