Cracking the NYT’s “Most Emailed” List

The Daily Beast digs into one of the great mysteries of our time: What exactly does it take to propel a story to the top of the New York Time’s “most e-mailed” list.

So we sent word to our global staff: more emails! As evening came, the story inched up further, hitting No. 1 on the Science list and ticking up on the overall list: 19, 18, 17. Around 12:35 a.m. on December 16, 36 hours into the blitz, it happened. Our story made it onto the Times’ home page, scoring the No. 10 slot on the most-emailed list. And it wasn’t slowing down. As the hours passed, it rose higher and higher. At 12:18 p.m., it peaked at No. 3, outdoing a Gail Collins column, a story about the Obama administration’s plans for handling a nuclear attack and a handful of perennially popular writers. (Take that, Tom Friedman!)

So how many emails did we need to pull it off? The answer: 1,270.

Thankfully, it’s slightly more newsworthy than say, Justin Bieber’s latest haircut.

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