Devastating News!

Portland, Ore., long regarded as the premier bicycling-friendly city in the country, is now ranked second behind Minneapolis, MN. 

At least according to Bicycling Magazine, which ranks cities based upon  its infrastructure, number of bike lanes, municipal bike racks, bike boulevards, government interest in cycling improvements and bike culture, as well as  interviewing local advocates, bike shop workers, and a variety of other experts to formulate their list.

This. Is. A. Gut-punch.  Especially considering the Rose City has held the top spot every year since 1995 — when the list first began. 

“You don’t need to know anything about bike lanes or city planning to see that it [Portland] is a haven for cyclists,” Bicycling Magazine writer Brian Fiske told KGW. “Just hang out in a coffee shop and look out the window: Bikes and riders of all stripes are everywhere. City support is important, too.”

Bicycling Magazine’s top 50 list hits newsstands next month.  At least we still have beer, wine, independent distilleries, food carts and great music. 

Whatever Minneapolis, you can have bikes.  We’ll give them to you.

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