Facebook Addresses Privacy Concerns

Zuckerberg finally pops his head out to address concerns about privacy on Facebook.  Many of the changes are expected to roll out today.  What those changes will be, could be anyone’s guess.  But at least this is a step in the right direction.

The challenge is how a network like ours facilitates sharing and innovation, offers control and choice, and makes this experience easy for everyone. These are issues we think about all the time. Whenever we make a change, we try to apply the lessons we’ve learned along the way. The biggest message we have heard recently is that people want easier control over their information. Simply put, many of you thought our controls were too complex. Our intention was to give you lots of granular controls; but that may not have been what many of you wanted. We just missed the mark.

We have heard the feedback. There needs to be a simpler way to control your information. In the coming weeks, we will add privacy controls that are much simpler to use. We will also give you an easy way to turn off all third-party services. We are working hard to make these changes available as soon as possible. We hope you’ll be pleased with the result of our work and, as always, we’ll be eager to get your feedback.

I still don’t trust Mark Zuckerberg.  He seems like a snake.  Ultimately, this isn’t about privacy, or lack there of, so much as it’s about transparency, ease of use, and control.  Facebook wants the third by making the first two too difficult to comprehend for the average FB user.  So he’s owning up to the problem at hand and making adjustments so people will stop complaining and the PR shit storm will disappear.

But it still doesn’t address the underlying problem with Facebook as a corporate entity.

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  • splashkidd May 26, 2010, 5:39 pm

    Good post; everyone needs to keep Facebook and all social media sites for that matter, accountable on how they do or do not deal with privacy issues!