First iPad Reviews

Not an April Fool’s Day joke; the first reviews of the iPad are trickling out into the world.  From the sounds of it, the reviewers have had the chance to really play around with them and really like the device immensely. 

Walt Mossberg from WSJ:

It’s qualitatively different, a whole new type of computer that, through a simple interface, can run more-sophisticated, PC-like software than a phone does, and whose large screen allows much more functionality when compared with a phone’s. But, because the iPad is a new type of computer, you have to feel it, to use it, to fully understand it and decide if it is for you, or whether, say, a netbook might do better.

Now the question is how the hell is AT&T’s beleagured network going to hold up with both iPhone’s and a huge demand from the iPad?

Both Kottke and John Gruber have more reviews.

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  • iPad Review May 3, 2010, 12:37 pm

    All in all, that’s a tablette pc without a keyboard, with a slower CPU and less memory and they manage to sell it to you twice what it’s worth. If you want to really turn it into a tablette pc, then you have to buy the keyboard.