Gizmodo and the iPhone Saga

John Gruber has an astute analysis of the recent dispute between Gizmodo, which knowingly stole a prototype phone in the name of journalism, and Apple. 

Again, their defense, as best I can put it, is that only upon receipt of the letter from Sewell did they “definitely know it’s not some knockoff” and “really is Apple’s”. Curious, this supposed uncertainty, considering they published their photographs and videos of the device 12 hours earlier with the quite certain headline “This Is Apple’s Next iPhone”.

I sort of secretly, or not so much, hope that Apple makes Gizmodo and Nick Denton look foolish when the dust settles on this.  Not because I’m an Apple fanboy, but because Denton sometimes strikes me as a person with cutthroat, win-at-all-costs, bully tendencies.

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