Google Officially Launces the Nexus One

Google has released their new Nexus One phone at a special event today in Mountain View, CA. It is manufactured by HTC and runs on Android.

It’s available now on T-Mobile, with Verizon for the US market (surprise, everybody assumed AT&T!) and Vodafone for European markets coming in Spring 2010. 

Here are the tech specs: Highlights include the 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, 512 MB of RAM (the iPhone 3GS only has 256) with the potential to expand it by a 4GB or 32 GB microSD card, a second microphone used for noise cancellation, and a 5 mp camera that shoots 20fps (720×480 video).

Mark Pilgrim’s live-tweet coverage offers a good run-down of the highlights from the press event, as does TechCrunch’s coverage.

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