Google’s Chrome Event

Yup, the search giant launched both their web app store and showed off their Chrome OS (you can apply to test drive one of their notebooks).

“Seems like a big deal,” writes John Gruber.  “Google really sees Chrome OS as a major play — and I can see how it might eat up a big chunk of the low-end PC notebook market. Maybe Chrome OS will do to Windows what Firefox (and, later, Chrome) did to IE?”

TechCrunch and Endgadget have thorough rundowns of the event.  I sort of get the push for a web app store and to a degree a new type of OS, but Chrome OS just feels like, well, it’s a web page.  What am I missing?  And the native web apps, well you can install an NPR app or a New York Times app, but why not just go to their webpage?  Is that an obvious question?  They’re basically just software programs that run inside a browser window.

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