Groupon Spurns Google

Now that Groupon has spurned Google’s $6billion acquisition to remain independent, Mountain View has turned their sites on some lesser-known coupon companies.

LivingSocial, for one, seems an unlikely target – it has just raised $175 million from Amazon.

BuyWithMe has raised $21.5 million to date, and interim President David Wolfe told the New York Post that he wouldn’t comment on whether he was speaking to Google, saying only that he believes Google definitely needs to enter the coupon advertising market (we agree).

Another potential bet in our opinion could be Whaleshark Media, which operates a marketplace for coupons and deals and owns Deals.comCouponShare and Deals2Buy, among other sites.

The company just raised roughly $90 million to pursue its roll-up strategy, and Whaleshark Media also just acquired coupon search engine company RetailMeNot.

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