IBM’s Racetrack Memory

IBM’s new racetrack memory promises all the benefits of  solid state drives (blazing speeds, reliability) at the price point and storage capacities of conventional hard drives.

Nanowire racetrack technology promises to bring the benefits of solid-state construction to PC and server memory storage without a comparable boost in cost, IBM researchers observed. Even mobile handheld devices may one day ship with astounding amounts of storage memory, they added.

By sliding magnetic bits of information back and forth along the nanowire racetrack, computing devices can read changes to the magnetic states of the domain walls. Despite moving at speeds in the hundreds of miles per hour, they also can be commanded to stop precisely at the position needed. As a result, computing devices will be able to access massive amounts of stored information in less than a billionth of a second, IBM researchers said.

If a product like this enters the market, it won’t be at the price point of conventional drives or even SSDs.  With that said, I’m looking forward to the day when this technology makes portable devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) “capable of storing all the movies produced worldwide in a single year.”  My porn collection is starting to take up an ungodly amount of room on my external drives.

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