Is Your Doctor Taking Cash?

ProPublica  has launched a huge, hugely important piece of investigative journalism, looking at the cozy relationship between doctors and the pharmaceutical companies.

From Good: “Called “Dollars for Docs,” the report and accompanying database is blowing the lid off these dealings which for for a long time have been kept secret. Last year seven companies—representing just 36 percent of the market, or $109 billion—started disclosing which doctors they worked with, and ProPublica did the math. Pharma’s spending on doctors—for speaking engagements and consulting and so forth—totaled $257.8 million last year.”

ProPublica did a bang up job on the database and it allows you to search for your doctor and see, by name, if they are on a pharmaceutical payroll.  This is serious medical dirt digging and a major consumer advocacy project. Would you be interested to learn that some doctors have “earned” upwards of $300,000 from some drug companies to promote and push their products onto patients?

The one interesting aspect that jumps out at me is the state data (number of payments and total amounts) almost nearly corresponds to the electoral college (California, New York, Texas, Ohio and Florida raked in the most).

There are also accompanying stories from The Boston Globe, Consumer Reports, NPR, The Chicago Tribune and PBS.

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