It’s Apple Tablet Day!

Are you ready for your world to change?  Because even though Apple hasn’t said anything about their big event being held today, everyone pretty much assumes they are going to announce a tablet computing device, based on the iPhone OS software with a 7″ or 10″ screen, that’s going to change the world.  CHANGE IT!

All joking aside, the iPod changed the landscape of portable music devices and to a certain extent the iPhone revolutionized the phone-as-hand-held computer.  So the question is, not whether or not this device will change anything, but what industry it will change.

The logical bet is the new Apple device, if it really is a tablet, will do what Amazon’s Kindle never could — it’ll bring books, magazines and media into the digital age.  At least that’s the hope from Derek Powazek.

But an Apple device that leverages the power of the iTunes store, that makes it easy to buy and read digital content, that opens up for participation from all kinds of publishers, that puts books and magazines on the same level as movies and TV … it could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

It’s the same hole they filled with the iPod. When it came out, there were CDs on one side (physical media for sale) and file-sharing on the other (free but dodgy). The iPod filled the media experience gap, and the iTunes store filled the payment side. Many pundits said it wouldn’t work. It worked.

The same could happen here. Apple could release a device that makes consuming media fun, is able to show any PDF beautifully (just like the iPod would play any MP3), and offers new media for sale in the iTunes store. If they did it right, publishers like me might finally be able to sell something digital that people would actually buy.

Would you bet against Apple?

Update: And it’s called “The iPad.”  Shocking, I know!  Anyways, the Gizmodo crew was on hand and has many of the deets. Not much new for anyone with their tech-ear to the grindstone.

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