Jindal Vetoes Openness of BP Spill Records

Apparently Kenneth the Page Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana missed the class when we learned that our government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people.”  What a jerk-off.

But in a veto message issued late Friday, Jindal said the provision could damage the state’s position in any legal battles because BP and other parties could see what the state is doing.“The Deepwater Horizon incident is a man-made event with responsible parties that will create long-term challenges for the State of Louisiana,” the governor’s veto message says.

“This bill would allow BP and other parties with potential liability to the state to obtain information retained by any state agency responding to this tragic event. Such access could impair the state’s legal position both in responding to the disaster that is unfolding and in seeking remedies for economic injury and natural resource damage.”

Adley said of Jindal’s veto message: “His excuse that it might allow BP to get off on what the record shows is ridiculous. How in the world would allowing our records to be public give BP an advantage?”

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