Law and the Multiverse

Are you one of those people who sit around at the bar and engage in slurry conversations like whether or not the Second Amendment would protect Superman’s heat vision?  If so, you might be in the overlapping section of the “Law” and “Comic Book Nerd” Venn Diagram, better known as the blog: Law and the Multiverse: Superheroes, supervillains, and the law.

Law and the Multiverse is the deadpan creation of two lawyers, James Daily, in Missouri, and Ryan Davidson in Indiana. Both are 28; they have only met online but collaborate like old friends.

Mr. Daily said the inspiration for the blog came, as so many great ideas do, over dinner with his wife and friends. They began discussing whether the parallel-dimension versions of a supervillain could somehow be brought to justice in a single trial. Alcohol, he insisted, was not involved. Once he discussed his plans for the blog on Metafilter, a collaborative site where people hash out projects, Mr. Davidson got in touch to offer his ideas and support — or, as he put it: “Hey, this looks awesome! Do you want a collaborator?”

Since the blog’s launch at the end of November, topics have included: the admissibility of evidence obtained through mind reading by Professor X of the X-men, if the evidence obtained by Batman is admissible in a court of law, what if someone is convicted of murder and the victim comes back to life, and whether the RICO Act could be effectively used by prosecutors against the Legion of Doom.

It’s incredibly fun to read, both the posts and comments, and one of the nerdier blogs around.  [via NYT]

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