Longreads Gets a Website

Sweet! As anyone will tell you, it’s often difficult to discover long form journalism on the web since most of the content grinder is reserved for cat videos, stray links, movie trailers, etc.

Which is why both Instapaper (and relatedly, Give Me Something to Read and their new twitter account) and the Twitter account @longreads are invaluable content curators.

Both places are daily reads for articles I can bookmark and read before I crash out for the night or while riding the subway.  Anyways, Mark Armstrong, the guy behind the Longreads Twitter account, has stepped up his game with a new website.

“So what kind of articles appear on Longreads?” asks MG Siegler, of TechCrunch.  “Posts longer than 1,500 words, but shorter than 30,000 words. What’s nice is that Armstrong also breaks these down into approximately how long it will take an average person to read them. For example, a 4,000-word post may take 16 minutes. That’s perfect if you know you have about 15-minutes to kill.”

Perfect.  You can search the site based upon subject or filter by length and know just how long it may take you to read it.  The simple layout displays the most recent twitter posting.  With the launch of this site and the growing popularity of Instapaper, my hope is that we never have to hear the olds complain about the lack of long form journalism on the web.  It’s alive and well and maybe now media outlets will be encouraged to engage in this type of journalism.  [via TechCrunch]

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