Massachusetts Water Failure

This is kind of becoming a ritual, back home.  Build an expensive public works project and have something go disastrously wrong.  In this case, it was a new water treatment facility.

People in Boston and 29 of its most populous suburbs, whose clean-water supply was cut off by a catastrophic and unprecedented pipe rupture, remained without clean tap water for a second day yesterday. The region braced for the start of school and the workweek today while still facing orders to boil any water used for drinking and cooking.

State officials said they were unable to explain exactly what caused the rupture in a collar helping to connect two major water pipes. House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said he would convene hearings as soon as this week to probe the failure, and Attorney General Martha Coakley said she would review reports of price gouging by stores selling bottled water.

This and the Red Sox collapsing to the Yankees are starting to become the two things Massachusetts residents can count on.  Well, that and Bill Belichick will trade down in the first round, draft some player nobody’s heard of and yet everyone will somehow find a way to justify it, because, you know, Bill Belichick.

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