Modern Life is Rubbish

I’ve long contended that the abundance of choice in modern society leads to depression, mostly on the assumption that if I had to do the trade of my forefathers, i.e. if my father and grandfather was a cobbler than I would also become a cobbler, it would be easier to just live my life.  I wouldn’t have to worry much beyond making sure I was the best damn cobbler my town had ever seen.  Unfortunately that’s not the case.

“People can become paralysed by too much variety and wracked with uncertainty and regret about whether they have made the right decision.  Ultimately they can be less satisfied by the choices they have made,” a new study from Standford University Psychology Department indicates. “The study believes that the problem is that when you have too much choice, you become obsessed about what your decision will say about you.  Then when you have made the choice you worry that it is wrong. Choice can also foster selfishness and a lack of empathy because it can focus people on their own preferences and on themselves at the expense of what is good for society as a whole.”

See, SCIENCE! Most days I just have a difficult time deciding whether or not I want to get out of bed.

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  • Larendeil May 11, 2010, 12:04 pm

    Of course. I have a natural life, i only use a computer.
    Nature isn't destroyed yet. It never will.