New Dinosaur Discovered in Romania

And initially, it could be a bigger, more badass version of the Velociraptor: “‘Balaur might be one of the largest predators in this ecosystem,’ said co-author Zoltan Csiki from the University of Bucharest, Romania. He said that while the 1.8m-2.1m (6-7ft) -long creature is extremely unusual, it is closely related to animals like Velociraptor and feathered dinosaurs uncovered in China. The new Balaur fossil is a partial skeleton that includes leg, hip, backbone, arms, hand, rib, and tail bones. It had a big toe with a large claw that it was able to extend – presumably used to slash prey – as well as a large claw on the second toe. Balaur had short and stocky feet and legs, and the pelvis had enormous muscle attachment areas, indicating that it was adapted for strength rather than speed.”

At least Spielberg now has a new dinosaur to play with if he ever produces Jurassic Park IV.

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