Nugget of Wisdom of the Night

From Seth Godin:

If a candidate wants to gain attention and possibly votes, then, it makes short-term sense to stir up fear of strangers and turn it into anger. It might even work (once). But it makes it virtually impossible to govern. It’s a short-term strategy that eats itself, because sooner or later, everyone is a stranger, and fear is no foundation for work that matters.

It seems as though we’re entering a season in which it’s easy to ostracize or become righteously indignant over someone’s national origin, skin color, religion or sexual orientation.

If this is the best a politician can do to organize and lead, then we all lose.

Sadly, this is a game as old as time itself and we’re entering a period that isn’t all that different from any other electoral period.  Which is why, from an objective point of view, Obama’s governing style of slow victories is even more admirable in the huge hill he’s climbing, in the face of one political party not wanting to do anything and half of his political party too timid to grab history’s proverbial balls.

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