Phoenix Suns to Rock Their “Los Suns” Jerseys in Protest

From The Arizona Republic:

“I looked around our plane and looked at our players and the diversity in our organization,” [team owner Robert] Sarver said. “I thought we need to go on record that we honor our diversity in our team, in the NBA and we need to show support for that. As for the political part of that, that’s my statement.”

Sarver’s displeasure with SB1070 is two-fold. The Arizona native primarily disputes the infringement of people’s rights but also is concerned about the effect it will have on the state’s economy.

“I don’t think it’s the right way to handle the immigration problem, No. 1,” Sarver said. “No. 2, as I read through the bill, it felt to me a little bit like it was mean-spirited and I personally just don’t agree with it. In addition, one of the main priorities right now for our state is to get jobs for people. The enactment of this bill just puts us farther behind the eight-ball in attracting companies to do business here and I think it will have a negative economic effect and a negative effect on our ability to create jobs for people who are looking for work.

“Hopefully, it’s all going to get worked out and the federal government will step in and there’ll be a national solution. I realize that immigration is a problem and we have issues that need to be dealt with. I just don’t think this bill accomplishes that.”

The Suns should be commended for showing solidarity like this and during Game Two, which will be played on Cinco de Mayo.  Of course, it’s really just a kind gesture and actually doing something to get the law revoked would be more meaningful, but you know, it takes all kinds of protests.

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