Planning for the Future

Why America might truly be fucked:

The real problem with our current political climate and journalism climates isn’t the nasty, biting partisanship, soundbyte wisdom or reactionary minutia. It’s that nobody’s afforded a genuine opportunity to lay out a long-term vision of what America should look like in 20 years.

The end result is that we get so bogged down in the politics of the moment that we can’t plan ahead more than 10 minutes to right the course of our nation’s future. While Americans on both sides of the aisle are more concerned with what’s happening on both sides of the aisle, arguing about nonsense that doesn’t much matter in the end, we’re setting this country back by not looking ahead. […]

Maybe some day we’ll remember what it’s like to plan for a bright tomorrow. Until then, it’s fun to shout back and forth about Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin, right?

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