Scott Roeder found Guilty

Great news! From the Washington Post: “Jury finds confessed killer Scott Roeder guilty of first-degree murder in shooting death of Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.”  The deliberations took a scant 37-minutes, with his “justifiable homicide” defense swiftly rejected by  a jury of his peers. 

Whether Roeder shot Tiller at point-blank range in the forehead at Tiller’s church in Wichita last May was never at issue; Roeder had admitted it to reporters, in court filings and finally to a jury on Thursday. He also said he had been stalking Tiller since at least 1999.

“I have never seen a state’s case and a defense case that so neatly dovetail,” said prosecutor Anne Swegle, noting that Roeder admitted systematically stalking Tiller before calmly approaching him in church, pressing a gun to his forehead and firing a .22-caliber slug into his brain. “He was totally remorseless in delivering to you his version of events,” Swegle told the jury.

Also: As if Florida Gator’s QB Tim “The Chosen One” Tebow needed to give his haters any more ammunition, he’ll star in an anti-choice commerical during the Super Bowl with his mom, basically saying if you’re a pregnant woman and make the choice to have an abortion you’ll be giving up the opportunity to have your very own handsome, money-making, super-duper, golly-gee whiz, aweomosity of a QB too!

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